Fiverr gig description to boost your sales | Fiverr gig description sample

Fiverr gig description plays an important role in boosting your Fiverr sales resulting development of your Fiverr profile.

In this article, I will explain the importance and also provide you with a Fiverr gig description sample.

Customers on Fiverr are only looking to hire a professional seller, so you also have to be a professional seller.

In order to be a professional seller, you need to have a good Fiverr gig description as your gig quality depends on how good your gig description is presented.

Your Fiverr gig has to be optimized by including many search engine factors like keywords, gig tags, and descriptions.

There are some important tips that you have to remember while writing a professional Fiverr gig description.

Keyword mastery

Whatever search engine optimization field you are, you need to play with keywords.

Fiverr search engine loves to play with keywords like any other search engine.

Also, remember that Fiverr is owned by Google and their algorithms regarding the keywords will be almost the same.

You need to find your desired keyword that has fewer competitions and will easily help you rank on the Fiverr search engine.

Once you find the best suitable keyword, you need to include it in your Fiverr gig description.

Do not use the selected keywords more than 4 times because using the same keywords repeatedly will give a spammy impression to the search engine.

Even while writing the gig description, if there is excessive use of keywords then Fiverr won’t let you continue without reducing the keywords.

Distribute your keywords evenly in the Fiverr gig description, this will give your Fiverr gig a good impression.

Gig description length

You are allowed to write 1200 characters in the Fiverr gig description!

Then why don’t you utilize it completely!

Most sellers on Fiverr write a very small gig description expecting to drive more sales from the small gig description.

But if you are already a high rated seller with a lot of reviews on your gig and profile, then small gig doesn’t matter to you at all

It is because Fiverr’s first priority of ranking your gig on the search engine is your total reviews on your Fiverr gig and profile.

Express yourself

Your Fiverr gig description should contain the service that you are providing to your customers.

Express how talented you are in the particular and what makes you different from other freelancers.

Explain the benefits that the buyer will get when they hire you.

Be more specific on what all things you will be providing to your customer.

If you are using the Fiverr package system, then explain the three packages clearly in your description and also mention what the buyers will be getting from buying the particular package.

If you have taken any test on Fiverr and had scored good marks, then mention that in your Fiverr gig description.

Describe your experience level and how expert you are in providing a particular service.

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Grammatical corrections

Your Fiverr gig should be free from grammatical errors and has to be fluent.

By doing so, makes a good impression of yourself to your customers.

You can use free tools like Grammarly to avoid grammatical errors.

Silly grammatical mistakes can give a bad impression to your customers, ensure that your Fiverr gig description is free from grammatical errors.

Friendly description

Your Fiverr description has to be written in a friendly manner that the customers should feel to contact you.

By having a rude and unpleasant tone in the description can cause a huge bounce as no Fiverr buyers will ever contact you.

True content only

Many freelancers on Fiverr put many fake things on their description which they are not capable of providing!

It results in a bad impression of yourself and the customer will never come to you again!

So only write the services that you are 100% sure that you will be able to provide!

Highlighter and BOLD

Fiverr text editor comes with amazing features in their text editor like the highlighter and bold functions that can make the text amazing!

Only highlight the main services and keywords that the customer will find it helpful by reading.

Many of the buyers will be busy, so only reading the highlighted point will help them whether to choose you or not by the service that you are providing.

Breaking into small paragraphs

Don’t stress out your Fiverr gig within a paragraph, it will be very difficult for the buyers to read them!

Break the big paragraphs into small paragraphs like sentences that will help the customer to read.

Unique Fiverr gig description

Do not copy others Fiverr gig description, this will harm your gig instead.

Fiverr sends BOT to your website and will realize immediately if you have copied the gig description from someone else gig.

So write a unique gig description.

Even if you are downloading the samples from the internet, make sure to make changes in the description as many freelancers might have downloaded and already implemented it on their gig.

Fiverr gig description sample

Download sample


So these are the methods that you have to keep in mind while creating a gig description, you can download the sample from the above link!

Do your Fiverr gig description includes everything I said in this article?

Let me know in the comment section!

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