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Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 05:12 am

Fiverr profile description sample!

Wow, what is that?

All the Fiverr freelancers know that very well 😉

Fiverr is a lovely platform for freelancers!

For new freelancers, Fiverr is the best option to join!

Why you need a good Fiverr profile description?

The first step is always a big step!

It is the same while creating your Fiverr profile.

You need to create a good Fiverr profile!

This is because, buyers want to know how good you are in your particular field.

Today, we will see what all you should include in your Fiverr profile description, and also you will get a free Fiverr profile description sample that you can download.

Why you should read this article till the end?
☑️Know what all should be included in the profile description
☑️Download the Fiverr profile description sample.


This is the easiest part!

You need to introduce your self and mention your qualification.

For example, If I am a WordPress designer, then my introduction will be like this:

I am a professional WordPress designer

You can see that the word professional is an adjective!

So consider adding an adjective on your qualification.

Work experience

All most all the buyer will prefer to choose an experienced seller to do his work!

So it is very important to add work experience of the particular field of service that you are providing to your valuable customer.

Let’s have a look on our previous example:

I am a professional WordPress designer with an experience of two years in designing beautiful WordPress websites


The next useful thing that you can mention in your Fiverr profile description is your main objective.

Your need to include at least one objective in your Fiverr profile.

Example: My professional objective is to build creative web designs and provide my best service to my valuable customer.

Your quality

There are many sellers on Fiverr and why the customer have to only hire you?

So you need to include your special quality!

Quality like on time work delivery, easy communication etc.

Free from Grammatical errors

Your Fiverr profile description should be free from Grammatical issues.

Use tool like Grammarly while writing your profile description.


Keywords are for ranking factors.

You need to include your service keyword at least once or twice for a better ranking on the Fiverr search engine.

Fiverr profile description sample

Ok! Now here is your Fiverr profile description sample:

How to download the sample?

Click on Download Sample button.

A new tab will open now!

Wait for 5 seconds and click on skip AD button on the top right corner!

And you are done, you’ve got your free Fiverr profile description sample 🙂


That was all about your Fiverr profile description!

How did you make your Fiverr profile description?

Let me know in the comment section!

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