Professional Fiverr Profile Creation [2020 updated]

In this post, we will be looking at some best ways that you can follow in order to create a perfect Fiverr Profile so that it gives a professional impression to your customers.

Fiverr is a very huge and competitive platform where a large number of buyers and sellers meet with the aim of exchanging professional service.

But to gain more sales on Fiverr, you need to have a good professional Fiverr profile so that it gives the buyer a good impression.

Read till the end!

Not only read, but also implement them on your Fiverr profile!

Fiverr profile username

Your Fiverr username shouldn’t be so fancy, it should be genuine and not like spam.

It is highly recommended to put your own name as your username as customers will have trust in you.

Let us look into an example.

Suppose I am a WordPress developer who is brand new to Fiverr with no rating.

If I keep my username as WordPressKing or something like that, then there is a very low chance for me to get hired.

When it comes to an exchange of service between a buyer and seller, getting the trust of his buyer should be the first priority.

Fiverr Profile picture

Fiverr buyers will obviously have a look at your profile picture.

What do you think?

Which picture should you keep?

Let’s suppose you are new to Fiverr without any rating on this platform.

Putting your brand logo will not help you in gaining more sales as it does not have any brand value yet.

Keeping brand logo makes it difficult for buyers to build trust in you.

Rather than putting your business or brand logo, it is highly advised to put your good looking and professional photo as profile picture in Fiverr.

This helps the customer to build trust in you.

Fiverr Tagline

Add a catchy tagline where the buyers will like WOW, That’s impressive!

Tagline highlights your personality.

Add something that describes the service you are offering to your customer.

Example: Creative WordPress Developer

Fiverr Description

Your customer will have a glance at your Fiverr description.

So make use of the description facility that Fiverr has given you.

Write a piece of clean and detailed information about you and the service you are providing to your customer.

Also include the benefits that customer will get by hiring you and also explain the quality of your service.

Ensure that your Fiverr profile is unique and free from grammatical errors.

Socialize your profile

Fiverr is providing you with a facility of linking your social media account to your Fiverr profile, so you have to utilize this opportunity.

This helps Fiverr to realize that your profile is genuine and not a scam.

By linking your social media accounts to Fiverr it also helps you in ranking your gig

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Connect all the social media account to your Fiverr profile, if you don’t have one, CREATE IT.


There is an option where you can add all the relatable skills to your Fiverr profile.

So utilise it.

Add all the skills that are related to the service that you are providing on Fiverr.

Remember that Fiverr categorise the gig depending on the skills of the freelancer.

So ensure that ONLY put the skills that are related to your service.

Skill Test: Be the hero in your skill

You can take a test on Fiverr of the skill that you have provided.

Why you have to take a test in your skill?

Taking a test gives a green verified tick in your profile indicating that you are qualified in that particular skill.

If you have scored good marks in the test, make sure that the test results are public

Bonus tip: Take tests of the languages that you speak.

Education and certification

There is another field that allows you to add your education level and certificate.

If you have taken any courses on Udemy, you can add that too!

This helps the buyer to know how qualified you are!

So add your education level and add some certificates like course competition certificate that helps to build a good reputation of your self in the Fiverr platform.


What if the seller doesn’t speak English.

He might be looking for a Spanish seller. 

And you might be a Spanish seller, but if you don’t mention that in your Fiverr profile, then Fiverr won’t show you in search results.

Add all the languages that you know to speak and also mention how fluent you are in that particular language.

Filling Fiverr Profile: Adding all gigs

For a new seller on Fiverr, you can add up to 7 gigs and will increase as your level on Fiverr increases.

Why do you need to add all gigs in your Fiverr profile?

This allows the buyer to know all your services and sometimes get back to you when they need your other services.

So you need to fill up your profiles with maximum gigs that you can add.

For example,

If I am a Graphic designer, I can add the following 7 gigs.

  • Design Social media post
  • Design flyers
  • Design web banners 
  • Design Instagram post
  • Design YouTube thumbnail
  • Design Advertisements
  • Design cover pages.

The above example of services shows how we can easily divide your mail service into many gigs. 


Following these simple steps while creating your Fiverr profile increases your chance of getting more sales.

Let me know how you have created your Fiverr profile in the comment section.

Feel free to ask your doubts!

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