5 SECRET Instagram growth strategies

This is Feril here and today In this blog post, we will be having a glance at how you can increase your Instagram followers by following the 5 master Instagram growth strategies.

Instagram is just an amazing social media platform and getting followers is like controlling the world. Instagram can be grown in many ways. There are some easy methods that you have to follow for your Instagram growth.

Following these methods will help you grow on Instagram and gain more followers.

Let’s waste no time, don’t waste time hell yeah! So today in this post I would like to share my method on Instagram growth

So what should be the main motivation in gaining followers? Yes, the answer to the question is patience! The more you are patient the more you grow on IG.

So I will tell my methods I personally used to grow my Instagram account, I will try my level best to make you understand how you can grow on Instagram organically

Before starting anything, the first thing you need to have is a high level of motivation as well as interest! So if you are willing to have that level of motivation then go ahead on creating your Instagram page.

1. Choose a GOOD NICHE:

Before creating an Instagram page make sure that you have chosen a perfect niche for your Instagram page which makes people engage in your content.

Make sure that the content is worth targetting and also would be better if it is unique and has less competition

2. QUALITY matters, not quantity :

Make sure that the quality of the content is really high so that you can engage more audience as well as it will make your audience to share the content with their friends which will help you gain IG followers organically.

The post you that upload on Instagram should be of high quality and eye-catching.

3. Consistency is the Key:

If you want to grow on Instagram the main method is to post consistently, You should post at least 3 times a day!

There is no shortcut to success, if you need results then the only way is to hard work, So keep your Instagram feed updated with fresh and genuine content.

4. Follow your niche competitors:

Search for your niche competitors with high Instagram followers, then like and comment on their latest post within 10 minutes from when they post. Also, ensure that you are not promoting your self in the comment section.

Build a good reputation among the competitors and when you are at a good level, promote each other’s page.

Bonus tip: Turn on the post notification of their profile by which you will be notified first.

5. Instagram growth Master Method: Follow the followers

  1. Choose any IG page of your niche (Choose the profile less than 10k followers)
  2. Open their follower list and start following their followers and then they will follow you back
  3. Make sure that you don’t follow over the limit as you will get an IG action block. So you ensure that you just follow 50 followers per hour.
  4. Don’t use any IG bots, IG bots are dead but still, you can get plenty of them! But in fact, IG bot is just killing your IG page

6. Use Hashtags for Organic Reach

Using hashtags on Instagram can make your content visible to the public which can make you gain more followers on Instagram

Bonus tip: Don’t use the same set of hashtag again and again which will make your account banned from using hashtags

7. Instagram Stories

Make sure you use the Instagram story feature to make your Instagram followers keep engaging in your content.

The Instagram story plays an important role in your Instagram growth.

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    You’re doing a great job! Keep going! Good luck! 🙂

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