4 ways to make money on Instagram in 2020

Hi, fellas! Feril here and today in this article we will see on some best methods to earn money from Instagram.

Instagram is such a huge platform where you can get more followers and engage in your content.

But have you ever wondered about how you can actually make money through your Instagram account?

Yes, you can make a good amount of money online through Instagram if you are having a good amount of followers.

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1.Paid promotions

This method is where even a small Instagram influencer with minimum of 2000 follower can make money online.

You get paid when someone wanted to promote their Instagram account through your posts or story. Normally the promotion period is 24 hours. It is upon you on how much hours you want the promotion to run on your account.

You can charge the advertiser an amount depending upon the size of your Instagram followers. Higher the followers, the higher the price you can charge.

Paid promotion process in brief

  • An advertiser or party looking for his account follower growth asks you for paid promotion
  • You can charge two different prices for story and post. Often Instagram post is considered to be more engaging that of the stories, so you have the right to charge more on Instagram post promotion.
  • The payment can be done online in advance or after the promotion, it is recommended to charge money in advance.

Tips to get paid promotions

  • Add your email address to your profile so that the advertiser can directly contact you through your mail.
  • Mention that you are accepting the paid promotions in your Instagram bio.
  • You can search for the account with fewer followers than you and personally ask them if they wanted paid promotion.

2.Trading your Instagram account

This method is not supported and is not be done according to Instagram rules and regulations, but this is a good way to make a good amount of money at a time.

Where and how you can trade

  • You can trade your Instagram with those people who you know in your locality.
  • You can trade your account online, but trust-building is the first thing to be followed. Don’t get scammed!
  • There are many online websites like Socialtradia that allows people to sell their Instagram account. (Recommended )

3. Traffic to your blog or site

If you are having good followers on Instagram, you can redirect them to your blog which is having affiliates or ads through which you can make money.

How to do it properly

  • Have ads or affiliate associated blog.
  • Put the link in your Instagram bio.
  • Inform the followers about the exciting content on your blog through your IG story or post.

4. Sponsors

This is method is where you get sponsors to advertise their product on your Instagram account, this is an amazing method where you can get a good amount of money locally as well as online.

In order to get online sponsors, there are many advertising sponsoring websites like Famebit.

I hope this article has helped you to get a good idea about how you can make money on Instagram.

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