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Last updated on June 9th, 2020 at 08:18 am

This article is going to be amazing because today I am going to elaborate on some of the reasons why you are not getting any sale on Fiverr.

You won’t drive any sales when you don’t use the opportunity that Fiverr provides you with.

Fiverr is a huge platform where freelancer gets the opportunity to show off their skills by providing their service to the buyers who are seeking for the best service.

1. Not Enough SKILLS

The intention of many freelancers is just to earn money when they don’t actually have the skill and resulting in bad quality of service that they provide.

To get sales on Fiverr you should ensure that you are highly capable of doing the service that you are providing to your worthy customers.

The better the service, the better you get sales on Fiverr. So what I am saying is have a skill or develop a skill that can help you to get sales on the Fiverr platform.

2. Confidence and patience

Most of the newcomers in freelancing platform has no confidence in themselves that they can make a successful career out of Fiverr.

They don’t believe in themselves that they can make it out!

The second most thing that people in the Fiverr platform don’t have is that they don’t have enough patience, In order to get sales on Fiverr, the important thing is to have patience.

You just started freelancing, then it is obvious that it will take time to get sales on Fiverr.

3. SEO factors

The SEO factor is the thing that 80% of freelancers ignore, they think that it is just a waste of time! Obviously not! SEO means search engine optimization.

You need to have an SEO optimized Fiverr gig in order to get ranked on the search engine of Fiverr.

Read How to Optimize your Fiverr Gig to rank on the first page

As soon as your gig appears in the search engine, you will find that the sales just increases rapidly.

This is because 90% of buyers on Fiverr tend to buy a gig from the first page.

No one would even try to go to the second page.

So it is the key point to get sales on Fiverr easily.

SEO is very important in getting sales on Fiverr.

4. Customer Satisfaction to get more sales on Fiverr

It very often observed that there is an 80% chance where the same buyer buys your gig again. So in order to achieve this important task, It is very important how much the customer is satisfied with your service that you have offered them.

Try your level best to provide the best service you can, be more friendly to your customers. Be polite and have a nice approach to your customers.

If the customer likes the service and the way you treat them, It is very obvious that when they are looking for a service next time, then they definitely will hire you again!

5. Customer feedbacks and Reviews

Most of the customers, sometimes forget to leave a review on your service that you provided. But ensure that you don’t let them forget to leave a review.

So it is always a best practice to ask for the review right after when you submit your work. Reviews play a crucial role in your Fiverr career.

To get sales on fiver, it is very important that you have reviews in your profile. Reviews are the top priority of the FIVERR team to make you a popular freelancer as well to rank you in their search engine.

I hope this article has motivated you and helped you in achieving your successful career in Fiverr.

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