Write blog posts without any grammatical errors! | Grammarly Paid vs Free

Today, we are going to see how you can write blog posts without any grammatical errors!

This post is just going to be awesome!

The quality of the blog post is an essential factor!

It is because you need to get the attention of your readers!

They lose interest in your blog article if there are grammatical errors in your blog post!

If they lose interest in your article, it will lead to an increase in the bounce rate!

What is a bounce rate?

If the user opens your article and then closes it without reading much, it will lead to an increase in the bounce rate!

An increase in bounce rate can have a massive impact on your blog SEO.

So to get attention, we need to improve our blog post article!

To improve the article, we need to fix the grammatical issues in our blog post!

Benefit on reading this blog article:

⭐ What is Grammarly and know all its features

⭐ Installing Grammarly

⭐ Chrome Extention

⭐ Start making money with affiliate program

Paid VS free version

Know which plan you should choose

Keep reading 🙂

Introducing Grammarly

Have you heard about this tool?

You might’ve at least seen it’s AD on YouTube or any other social media platform!

So what is it?

In a word, it is your English Assistant!

Bloggers love this tool!

This tool helps to improve your grammar like a BOSS!

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors!

Whenever you are making a mistake while writing your blog post, it immediately detects the issue and provides you with the correct grammar right above the error!

How to get Grammarly

Getting Grammarly is free and easy!

Click on the above button to install Grammarly!

Grammarly offers extension in chrome as well as a Desktop software!

This extension allows Grammarly to access the website that you are writing on!

Click on Add to chrome.

You will be in the chrome web store within seconds!

Click on add to chrome, and your Grammarly extension is ready!

But you are not finished yet!

You need to create a new account!

Go back to the previous tab!

Now create an account on Grammarly!

free account for grammarly

Create an account using your email address, and you can also directly signup through your Facebook or Google account!

After signing up, you need to adjust your Grammarly writing preference!

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors | Grammarly chrome

Do not skip this step as it plays a very crucial role!

As soon as you complete the above process, you will have to choose a plan!

Free vs. paid version

We aim to write a blog post without grammatical errors!

Let’s see what the significant differences in the paid and free versions are!

We will also see which is the best suitable package for you!

Plagiarism checker

What is Plagiarism?

Copying someone else content that is already available on the Internet is called Plagiarism!

Plagiarism is very dangerous, which can affect your blog and your search ranking!

Do you want to check whether your content has Plagiarism?

With Grammarly premium, you can check it very quickly within a few clicks!

To check whether your content has Plagiarism, click on the Grammarly Chrome extension, and open a new document!

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors!  | Chrome and computer

Paste your content in the text field and then click on Plagiarism at the bottom right corner

Grammarly starts crawling over 5 billion websites to check!

If they find no issues, they give you an output message like this:

Even if your blog post contains even a little plagiarism, the Grammarly crawler detects and returns the percentage of Plagiarism in it!

Ineffective vocabulary

This feature is only available for premium users!

We need to make our audience engage with our content and describe it in such a way that they get impressed by reading!

So it is vital to use adequate vocabulary in our content!

Here is an example:

Overused words

Blog writers often make this mistake!

They aim to target keywords!

But they have to ensure that targeting the keywords should lead to broken language.

With Grammarly premium, it quickly identifies the overused words and asks to use its related word!

Here is an example:

Passive voice overuse

Most of the bloggers use passive voice more than the recommended rate!

Overuse passive voice also affect the readability of the visitors in your blog

As per the Yoast SEO plugin, it is highly recommended to use the passive voice in a maximum of 10% in your sentences.

Grammarly premium plan can help you with that!

Inappropriate formality level

Let’s suppose that you are writing an import email to get a backlink from your competitor!

You should not ask informally!

He would just ignore your mail!

You need to maintain a formality level in your writing!

Grammarly premium has the cool feature of maintaining the formality level of your writing!

Here is an example:

Comparison Table: Free VS Paid

Features Free Premium
Ineffective vocabulary
Overused words
Inappropriate formality level
Inconsistent writing style
Passive voice overuse
Hedging language
Non-inclusive language
Get Grammarly Free Get Grammarly Premium

Which plan should you choose?

We aim to write blog posts without any grammatical errors!

Are you confused about which Grammarly plan you should choose?

Free or premium?

Which one suits you?

It depends on how good your English is!

If you have bad English, the premium plan of Grammarly would be the best option for you!

If you have good English, then you can go for Grammarly free version!

How can you check your English level?

Don’t know how good your English is?

Don’t worry; I’ve got a solution for that!

Method 1: Taking tests

Taking a test is the best method to analyze how good your English is!

Visit a website like ExamEnglish to take a free English test

The score you get from the English test decides how good your English.

If you have scored low marks in your English test, continue with the premium version of Grammarly

Method 2: Using Grammarly

You can test your level of English using Grammarly itself!

Follow these steps:

Open a new document using the chrome extension!

If you haven’t installed Grammarly yet, you can also use the Free Grammar checker

After opening Grammarly, paste your content!

If you see a lot of errors in red, it indicates your English is not that good enough!

If you are using the Grammarly document, it shows where you are making issues in your article!

If you are getting a low score, it is an excellent option to go for Grammarly premium!

Overall performance

Every blog post writers would love to know how good post they have written!

With Grammarly, you can know your overall performance!

Open a new document in Grammarly or press the Grammarly icon that appears while writing blog articles!

To the right, you can see seer overall performance score!

If you have written your blog post without any error, it shows you a good score!

Have a rating of at least 90+

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors; It is crucial to get a good performance score!

Proofreading documents

There will be a situation where you have written your blog article in a word file for your convenience!

We can quickly proofread documents using Grammarly!

Open Grammarly app, either through your chrome extension or click here

Click on upload and submit your Document!

After uploading the file, it will start proofreading the document and highlight all the errors in the material!

Affiliate program: Make money with Grammarly


You heard it right!

We can make money from Grammarly through its affiliate program!

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What is an affiliate program?

When someone purchases a Grammarly premium plan with your affiliate link, you earn a commission!

Joining the affiliate program is entirely free!

Visit https://grammarly.hasoffers.com/

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors! | Account login

Signup for a partner account.

Enter all the exact details, and within a few hours or days, you will receive an affiliate approval mail.

Note: If you did not receive correspondence, check your junk/spam box

Once you log in, you can see a beautiful dashboard!

Head over to Offers and click any of the offers that you think your customer will buy from you!

Write blog posts without any grammatical errors! | Affiliate program Grammarly

Copy your affiliate link and share it with others!

You can also place banners on your blog or website!


Grammarly is one of the best tools to write blog posts without any grammatical errors!

Grammarly has many features like proofreading, Plagiarism and much more [ Already Discussed 🙂 ]

I use Grammarly for writing my blog posts!

Have you tried Grammarly?

I would love to hear feedback from you!

Comment down your feedback below!

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