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Best YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO!

What did I mean by that?

What is video SEO?

To rank your video on YouTube, your video has to be SEO optimized!

SEO means search engine optimisation!

Why SEO optimization?

Why do you need to rank YouTube?

Everyone wants views on their YouTube video they upload!

So just imagine, if you rank on YouTube search, how rapidly will your YouTube grow!

So by having a clear idea on SEO, we will see what keywords are and why are they important!

YouTube keywords

Have you heard about YouTube keywords?

YouTube keywords are the search phrases that a user type in the search box!

The above image illustrates what keywords are!

Below are the keywords that are often searched by people on YouTube!

So we need to target the correct keyword so we can rank on YouTube search engine!

Before proceeding further, let’s see the types of keywords!

Types of Keywords!

YouTube keywords are of two types!

Easy and hard to target keywords!

Hard to target keywords are those keywords that are having a high competition!

Easy to target keywords are those keywords that are having enough search volume and less competition.

So how will you identify what type of keywords you are targeting!

So YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO is the only way to identify!

In this article, we will see the YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO that will become your assistant from now!


YouTube is one of the best platforms for content creators!

In a word, YouTube is just FANTASTIC!

But YouTube has evolved a lot!

YouTube is not how it was in 2005!

Content creators increased!

Which means vast competition on YouTube!

Getting ranked on YouTube is hard! Not impossible!

Doing the correct YouTube keyword research can help you rank on YouTube!

Intro to YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO

OK, so the time has come!

The tool is called TubeBuddy!

This tool was initially found in 2014 and now dominating the YouTube platform!

This tool, not only helps for keyword research but also help to monitor your entire YouTube channel!

Many YouTube experts use it!

I use TubeBuddy as YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO.

We will cover every feature of this tool!

Let’s start by setting up TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy SETUP

Click on the above button to get TubeBuddy!

You will be redirected to its home page and then click on Install free now!

Click on add to chrome and within few second TubeBuddy extension will be Installed!

Accessing TubeBuddy

Once you’ve installed TubeBuddy Chrome extension! You need to access it!

Go to YouTube!

You can see that tubebuddy sign-in is required

Click on Sign in, and will be redirected to the sign-in page!

After signing in, you can see your neat dashboard with amazing features!

Before we go through the features of TubeBuddy, we need to understand the license of your TubeBuddy!

TubeBuddy License

There are four licenses offered by TubeBuddy.

I will be differentiating the licenses based on keyword research

  1. Free: There are a lot of limitations in the free license! Even the keyword researcher has a limit! That is, you can only do a specific limit of research for a particular day!
  2. PRO: You have unlimited access to keyword research!
  3. Star: You have unlimited access to keyword research!
  4. Legend: You have unlimited access to keyword research!

There are many other features that are different in each license!

You can see the complete differences here: TubeBuddy License

Which license to choose?

You will be confused about which license to choose!

Worry no more! I will help you out!

The free license SUCKS!

Yes, it does! It has a daily limit which is a massive headache!

So it is highly recommended to choose at least the pro version of tube buddy!

TubeBuddy is also providing discounts based on your channel size!

If you have less than 1000 subscribers, you get  50% Off by entering coupon code RisingStarBuddy on Pro Licenses.

TubeBuddy keyword research tool!

Now let us talk on searching keywords!

Go to TubeBuddy keyword explorer from the dashboard!

And then put in your keyword in the search box!

You can see that the overall score is 32, and that is just a fair score!

TubeBuddy is also giving a reason that it has enough search volume, but it does have competition!

You will also see the search volume and competition of the keyword below!

We won’t be targeting fair and poor keywords!

You only have to target keywords whose score is more than 50.

In the above image, we can see that the keyword I searched is having a score of 32!

So I will search for something better keyword with a score of more than 50!

Once I find my best keyword, I use it in my title, description and tags to rank my video on the search engine!

This was my method that I use to find keywords and rank my videos!

TubeBuddy Thumbnail maker

Wow! Using TubeBuddy, you can create a thumbnail for your YouTube videos without using any paid software!

How to make a thumbnail from tubebuddy?

It is easy!

While uploading a video on YouTube, you can see a new option called thumbnail generator!

Follow the easy steps and create a thumbnail for your YouTube video!

TubeBuddy templates

Let’s suppose that you have a YouTube channel with a lot of video on it!

But you have forgotten to put cards or end screen!

Inserting the screen card and end screen manually would be a difficult task for you!

But with TubeBuddy, you can create a template for end screens and cards and apply them to your YouTube videos!

This method makes you work easier!

Check Your competitor with TubeBuddy

Want to know how well your competitor is doing?

Want to analyse his profile?

It’s free with TubeBuddy!

Open your competitor’s profile, and you can see his performance!

We can also see the performance of Individual video! Just open the video, and you can see the details on the right-hand side of the video!

This tool also allows you to see your competitors tags and also you can see their ranking position of that particular video!

TubeBuddy Affiliate program

With the affiliate program, you can earn money from tube buddy by referring your friends to join TubeBuddy!

Wow, that is amazing!

You can also get free upgrades if people install tubebuddy through your links!

If they purchase any of the paid plans, you earn money!

To join affiliate program visit TubeBuddy Affiliate


TubeBuddy is a great tool!

Have you purchased TubeBuddy? Let me know your feedback in the comment section!

Did not try TubeBuddy yet? Why waiting?

Get TubeBuddy NOW and share your experience in the comment section!

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